Register for Vibrant Virtual Summer Dance Intensive 2020

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Please list the classes you are planning to take with instructors name, class title and time. We will then send you the Zoom links for those particular classes that you have registered and paid for. You will receive these links by Aug. 15th. We ask that you would honor Ad Deum and our work by not sharing these links with anyone else. Ad Deum is in need of financial support during this season when Covid has had a harsh impact upon our income. We simply cannot offered to give classes away.

I hereby give my permission to authorize any minor emergency medical treatment that may be required by the above-named participant during SDI 20. I understand that I am responsible for all charges as a result of such care and medical treatment. I release and hold the SDI 20, the facilities that they may utilize, the faculty, their agents, board of directors, and staff harmless from any and all liabilities while participating in any and all activities.