Ad Deum’s Dance Mentorship Program (DMP)

Ad Deum initiated DMP to help serve the technical and artistic development of vocational dance artists. The program is designed to encourage, enhance, challenge, affirm, and strengthen dancers for the integrated disciplines of spirit, soul, and body. This is accomplished in an environment that exhibits the core values of community, caregiving, compassion, character, excellence, artistic discipline and personal integrity. The Ad Deum community also fully embraces the virtues and vibrancy of Christian faith, prayer, worship, and Biblical Worldview Studies.

Dancers in the program meet three days per week, Tuesday - Thursday from 8:45am-2pm. (Times possibly subject to change). DMP members take the morning Company classes with the artists of Ad Deum. Company classes vary daily between ballet and modern. DMP dancers also have their own daily additional classes which include jazz, improvisation, dance in worship, choreography, rehearsals, and Art and Theology studies. DMP dancers will be offered several opportunities throughout the season to participate in outreach performances.

DMP is a tuition based program. Tuition is divided into a nine month pay period from September - May. Monthly tuition is $350.00. If the nine months are fully paid in advance, tuition is reduced to the total of $2,850. The start date in September is Labor Day. The program completes the last week of May.

Ad Deum will help assist DMP dancers in finding employment opportunities as dance, Pilates, or yoga teachers in local dance schools and fitness centers. We will also help dancers to find roommates during their season with us to share apartment rental. We ask that dance or fitness teaching resumes/cv be sent to us in advance of moving to Houston.