Donations & Contributions

Your support to Ad Deum goes so much further than your could think or imagine. Here’s some keys points for you to consider in the significance of our work:

  • Ad Deum has over thirty dancers in its community that have moved here from all across the USA and other parts of the world.
  • We work 11 months out of a year, performing, teaching and touring locally, nationally and abroad.
  • We host 2-3 major dance intensives yearly where dancers attend from all across the world to connect their love for dance with their faith.
  • We invest our lives and talents into outreach and missions for such places as hospitals, nursing homes, youth centers, orphanages, family and homeless shelters, safe houses for trafficking victims, and special centers for various population needs such as physically handicapped, mental disabilities, and abuse victims.
  • We open our classes to the greater dance community to share our lives and talents with others.
  • We are hosting Project Dance Houston and have been traveling as a company since 2001 to Project Dance New York to volunteer as workers and dancers for this event that brings hope and healing to cities through an uplifting and inspirational outreach of dance.
  • We are networking with dancers and choreographers from all across the world to share ideas and exchanges such as our yearly dancer exchange program with Springs Dance Company of London, England.
  • We are investing in the lives of the next generation of professional dancers both artistically and spiritually.

Please take this information into great consideration as you decide to give.

Please note: You may use a credit card, or arrange for a direct payment using a Checking account or PayPal account by registering directly with PayPal.

Our annual budget includes

  1. Home studio rental $8000
  2. Teaching Faculty Salaries $3500
  3. Dancer Honorariums $$21,000
  4. Office Rental $1500
  5. Storage Unit $2500
  6. Costume Budget $2500
  7. Guest Choreographers/Dance Intensive Faculty $10,000
  8. Missions Travel and Volunteer Outreach $10,000 

Ways To Give

Dance Ad Deum is a non-profit (501 c-3) arts organization operating in the state of Texas. All donations are tax deductible by law. You will receive a receipt of your donation for tax purposes.

Your support is vital and significant to our work, as all artists need faithful patrons (latin; for fathers) to undergird and nurture their talents and creative offerings.

Your support enables us to carry forth our mission to produce excellent expressions of dance that speak to the heart of humanity in relevant and redemptive ways.

Thank You for caring and sharing in our work!