Professional Christian Dance & Arts Organizations

This page highlight professionals dance companies, dancers and dance organizations, which like Ad Deum Dance Company, live, work and carry out their vocational and spiritual callings as professional artists who have placed their faith and hope in a living relationship with Jesus Christ and understand their place and positions as servant-artists called to engage and impact the world with relevant and redemptive creativity.

These artists flow in a natural fusion of their faith and artistic journeys. Simply stated, they are professional artists believing in the wholeness of the Lordship of Jesus Christ and what it means to live out their faith in the community of the arts to the glory of God and to the service of humanity.

These are not religious, liturgical, praise dance, or what might be considered as dance ministry based individuals or organizations. However, working as professional artists, they are clearly carrying out a "mission" and "artistic ministry" in a broader sense than how those terms might typically be understood.

It is our hope that you will be inspired and maybe even challenged by who they are and what they have been called to accomplish as they have responded to God’s unique call upon their lives.

Ambassador Arts & Ministries is a professional Christian performing arts organization founded by Daniel Cossette. AA&M was established to meet the growing cry for excellence of art in the Body of Christ, and to use that art to reach the world. Mobilizing both troupes and soloists, they combines art forms from mime to storytelling, dance to fire spinning, bringing the message of the Gospel and to churches, theaters, schools, and the streets in creative and dynamic ways.

Daniel Cossette is a graduate of Living Waters Bible College School of Ministering Arts and Mimeistry International, achieving the distinctive title of Performance Journeyman. He toured nationally and internationally with Mimeistry for two years, teaching and performing before founding Ambassador, based out of Manchester, CT. He continues to teach and perform as a soloist and choreographer, working with names like First Night Hartford, Project Dance New York, the Big E and others, as well as dancing as a guest artist for the modern dance company Dance Ad Deum. A smattering of jazz, ballet, tae kwon do, and karate also make their way into his shows.

Robert Wesner ~ Artistic Director; Neos Dance Theatre

“….inspired by the awe of the created world and driven by the task to fill it with excellence!”

Neos Dance Theatre is reflecting the momentum of dance in our culture today. We are diverse individuals sharing in a common goal of creating atmospheric, theatrical energy on the stage and in the studio that communicate our lives, our social responsibilities, and our call to work. Neos has committed its repertoire to eclecticism finding an expression of the self, and the world surrounding ones self, made more whole through the diversity of movement and style. Robert Wesner, Artistic Director, choreographs most of the repertoire, in collaboration with the dancers of Neos Dance Theatre.

Innovo Physical Theatre, directed by Theo & Jolie Williams, is a professional physical theatre company, based in Pasadena, California. As a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization, Innovo has active representation in the United States, Holland, France, United Kingdom, and New Zealand. The company demonstrates a unique synthesis of aesthetics and story, through their original plays, adaptations, silent compositions, and the many productions that explore the endless possibilities of interaction between corporeal movement, dance, music score, spoken text, and film.

As a Company of touring artists, Innovo travels internationally, performing on stage or the street, university or the market place. Hailed by maestro Marcel Marceau as “the future of Mime,” Innovo celebrates the centrality of the mime/actor in theater by reference to the Christological significance of the transfigured body. Using the expressiveness of the body as starting point, and the poetry of a simple stage, our artists explore the struggles and stories of humanity through life and death, comedy and drama, real and symbol, momentary and eternal. Performances range from solos and duets to large ensemble works.

As artists in community, Innovo represents an extensive network of artists in varied creative disciplines; all sharing in the belief that creativity starts in loving God and one another. Consequently, their repertoire demonstrates warm-hearted humor, simple costumes, and a history of excellence in ministry. Their performances engage both young and old in an experience of physical theatre that conveys the emotion and grace of life’s journey in stories of transformation, enlightenment, mystery, and the joy of life.

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